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Located just miles from the hustle and bustle of Las Vegas, Rhodes Ranch is a near-perfect desert suburb. With local eateries, shops, and activities, this up-and-coming town is family-friendly and highly desired by new residents with its affordable housing prices and city access. Those who reside in Rhodes Ranch can expect a mildly warm experience all year round, with a dry heat in the summer, when temperatures would otherwise be excruciating. Along with this climate comes a very specific set of pests that would not be found in many other places (i.e. snakes and scorpions), but don’t fear, there’s a great solution.

Since 2016, the expert, family-owned team at Anver Pest Control has been serving businesses and residents of the greater Las Vegas area with top-notch pest control solutions, unparalleled customer service, and a guarantee that you won’t find elsewhere. So contact us today for your free quote and estimate and say goodbye to pests!

Home Pest Control In Rhodes Ranch, NV

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At Anver Pest Control, we’re proud to serve residents of the greater Las Vegas area with eco-friendly home pest control solutions that they can rely on. We’re focused on personalized plans that are built to suit your needs, no matter what they are. And because we know you’re busy, our process is simple:

  • Inspection. Our team of licensed technicians first comes to survey your home, both inside and out, checking for any pest problems or for conditions that could instigate one.
  • Treatment. We devise and execute a treatment plan that will eliminate any pest problems that you might have.
  • Follow-up. With regularly scheduled service inspections, we work to ensure that your home remains pest-free.

So contact us today for your no-obligation inspection and take the first step in living pest-free.

Commercial Pest Control In Rhodes Ranch, NV

Rhodes Ranch is brimming with businesses, all of which require effective pest control services. Wouldn’t it be great if you could actually prevent an infestation from occurring and not just deal with it once it’s full-blown? With Anver Pest Control, that can be your reality. We work with businesses of all kinds, from hospitals to schools to restaurants and everyone in between, to ensure that problems present or future are handled in an effective, eco-friendly manner. 

Upon our initial inspection of your property, our team works directly with you and your staff to develop a sustainable plan for pest control that we guarantee. When you choose Anver Pest Control, you’re getting a family-owned and -operated business that understands what it means to serve your community, and we believe that pests have no business in that picture. So contact us today to keep your people, your property, and your business pest-free with our commercial pest control

Bed Bug Control: Helpful Tips For Homeowners In Rhodes Ranch

Bed bugs can find their way into your Rhodes Ranch home with the greatest of ease, making your life miserable. And while bed bugs don’t pose much of a threat to the structural integrity of your property, they can wreak havoc on your health. Here a few helpful tips to deal with bed bugs:

  • Inspect second hand furniture and appliances. Before you bring anything used into your home, inspect it thoroughly and with protective gear, on the chance that it is infested. Ask questions about where the items were stored and look for any signs of an infestation.
  • Travel safely. Another common spreader of bed bugs is through travel, so be sure to check your belongings thoroughly after any travel that includes taking public transportation or hotel stays. You should store your worn clothing securely, washing it upon returning home.
  • Look for the signs. Unfortunately, bed bugs often go undetected so keeping an eye out for actual bed bugs, their nymphs, eggs, or fecal matter is important in mitigating the damages they pose.
  • Call a professional. While you may try diligently to prevent a bed bug problem or exterminate a preexisting one on your own, nothing does the trick like professional assistance with our bed bug control from the team at Anver Pest Control. 

For professional advice and assistance in dealing with your bed bug dilemma, contact the team at Anver Pest Control today for excellent bed bug solutions

How To Eliminate Cockroaches On Rhodes Ranch Properties

Did you know that cockroaches can live for a week without food, a month without water, and in some cases, a week without their heads? These tenacious pests love your food scraps and any mess you might have left behind. And what’s even scarier is that they have grown resistant to many common pesticides, making them even harder to eradicate. That said, here are a few ways that you can aim to eliminate cockroaches in your home:

  • Cut off their food source. Keeping a tidy home with dishes that are washed regularly, food that is kept in airtight containers, and trash that is stored securely will make your home less exciting to cockroaches of all kinds.
  • Mitigate moisture. Ensure that you don’t have any drips, leaks, or areas of standing water in your home that can attract cockroaches.
  • Call the professionals. When it comes to cockroaches, nothing beats the tools, techniques, and experience that a team of professional exterminators brings.

For cockroach prevention and eradication, contact the team at Anver Pest Control today!

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