Answering Some Of Summerlin's Most Frequently Asked Questions About Ants

PB&J sandwich covered with ants

Ants are insects that exist in more than 12,000 species. Many members of ant colonies spend their time out foraging for food. As omnivores, most ant species will consume a wide variety of foods, which includes most of the items that humans consume. Some of the most prevalent types of ants found in this region include sugar ants, carpenter ants, odorous house ants, and more.

What is a simple way of removing an infestation from your home? Ants that you find inside are likely members of a massive colony located in proximity to your home. In many instances, completely eliminating ants from your home involves more than simply removing the insects that are currently inside, as many others from the colony will soon invade. Having assistance from a trained specialist in residential ant control in Summerlin is the best solution. That’s why Anver Pest Solution has got you covered. 

Should You Kill Ants You See Inside?

While killing those you encounter indoors will eliminate existing ants, it usually has a short-term impact. Ants communicate using pheromone chemicals, which linger on surfaces within your home. Other members of the colony may detect trails of pheromone chemicals and soon infiltrate your home.

Here in Summerlin, the overall lack of precipitation may motivate ants to venture inside homes to access sources of water. Once indoors, ants often encounter other attractants, such as food sources. Common examples include floors covered with crumbs, sinks filled with dirty dishes, or trash bags containing food scraps.

Those who experience the best outcomes generally have help from trained ant control professionals. Anver Pest Control maintains the tools and equipment needed to eliminate ants quickly, and we’ll address any existing property conditions that make your home susceptible to future intrusions.

Are House Ants Typically Dangerous?

Ants will contaminate food and surfaces inside your home; however, they are largely considered nuisance pests.

Can ants bite you? It is highly unlikely that ants will bite humans, yet they do carry germs.

Tips To Prevent Ant Re-infestation

Are you wondering how to prevent further ant invasions? Summerlin-area residents are encouraged to adopt the following ant-prevention tips:

  • Keep yards and patios free of attractants by cleaning up thoroughly after cookouts and never placing pet food bowls in outdoor areas.

  • Limit points of entry around the base of the structure by filling any crevices with sealant.

  • Promptly repair any torn window screens and minimize gaps around the frames of doors or windows with weatherstripping.

  • Adopt a regular cleaning schedule, especially in the kitchen, to avoid attracting ants and other insects.

In some cases, ants will find their way inside your home despite your preventative efforts. Here, the best solution starts by contacting a local pest control professional. An established expert in ant control for homeowners understands what to use to get rid of ants quickly and the best ways of keeping them out.

The Key To Successful Ant Control In Summerlin

Why are ants continually entering my home? Ants usually live in colonies containing many thousands of others; therefore, if attractants and points of indoor entry exist, ants may be a recurring problem. A trained service technician should visit the property to conduct a detailed inspection.

A qualified ant removalprofessional will determine the source of the ants, identify the points of entry, and create an effective solution. The pros recognize the importance of both expelling existing ants and treating any colonies around the home’s exterior. After implementing appropriate exclusionary measures, such as openings around doors or windows, homeowners should remain free of these unwanted pests.

The team of local professionals with Anver Pest Control is well-trained and properly equipped to solve problems involving home-invading ants. For comprehensive pest control solutions in Summerlin, contact our office today.