5 Ways To Prevent Bed Bug Infestations

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs: every homeowner’s worst nightmare. Bed bugs show no discrimination. They infest all homes alike– small, large, well-kept, kids, no kids, pets, no pets. However, there are a few steps you can take to help prevent bed bugs from infesting your home. 

Cover Your Mattress

Now, we’re not talking about your run-of-the-mill mattress cover. If you want to prevent bed bugs, you have to get a mattress cover that covers the whole mattress and either zips or velcros closes. This will not help if you already have a bed bug problem and is purely a preventative measure. So ensure that you are bedbug-free before encasing those little critters in your mattress. 

Check Your Furniture

Unlike the name suggests, bed bugs do not stick purely to beds. Due to their survival instincts, they set up nests in all areas of your home that replicate a bed, including your furniture and pet beds. Be sure to check your furniture, comfortable chairs, and all linen kept in cupboards that have come in contact with your furniture for signs of bed bugs. 

Inspect and Clean Pre-Owned Furniture

Repurposing old and used furniture is a recent growing trend with second-hand stores becoming a popular place for furniture shopping. Most antique or second-hand stores will clean and sanitize their furniture before being sold.

However, for your peace of mind, always clean and inspect your pre-owned furniture before placing it in your home. Having bed bugs for just an hour is enough time for them to spread to other objects in your home before making their way to your bed and furniture. 

Reduce Clutter 

Clutter or storage that is stacked high up against a wall, like in your garage, is the perfect hiding place for bed bugs. It is usually warm and provides easy access to your home through the walls when the time comes to spread. If you are already struggling with a bed bug infestation, examining your storage spaces is a good place to start with eradication.

A more effective way to store things in your home is with storage bins or vacuum-sealable bags so that your items are protected from bed bugs and prevent a potential breeding ground. 

Call a Pest Control Company

Prevention on your own can only take you so far. Hiring a professional to inspect your home and help with the prevention is the best way to keep all pests, including bed bugs, at bay.

Anver Pest Control has the knowledge and skilled technicians to help prevent infestations and eradicate bed bug infestations. Before trying to handle any pests in your home, call in the best experts in the Las Vegas area, and stop any infestation before it starts.