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Tips To Keep Pigeons Away From Your Home

If you live in Las Vegas, then you have a shared dislike for pigeons. No one wants pesky pigeons nesting in their roof or leaving acidic droppings on their property, since pigeons are notorious for carrying disease and destroying property. At Anver Pest Control, we want to protect your home from pigeons, and you can help do so by following a few simple tips.

pigeon on a tree branch

Bird Feeders

The first step to deterring pigeons on your own is by ensuring that your home is an undesirable place to nest. Bird feeders not only attract cute hummingbirds, but also pigeons. Make sure your bird feeders have holes small enough that pigeons can’t access the food inside. Pigeons are also attracted to fruit and nuts, so clearing your property of any debris can help keep them away. However, pigeons will eat just about anything, so bring in all food and trash when you are done with outdoor gatherings.

Pigeon Repellent

Pigeons will ruin your roof with their acidic droppings, causing you thousands of dollars in repairs. Some pigeon repellents are effective: Bird repellents and reflective devices can keep pigeons away from your home, as can fake owls and other faux predators. Just make sure you keep moving them around your property so pigeons don’t get used to it. You can also discourage roosting by placing bird spikes around your roof and placing mesh wiring around eaves and balconies.

Pigeons Entering Your Home

If, despite your best efforts, pigeons do enter your home, professional help is required. Pigeon droppings carry disease ranging from E.coli to encephalitis, and dust from dried droppings can transmit bacteria through the ductwork in your home. 
Whether they are interrupting a family gathering, nesting in your roof, or leaving droppings on your property, pigeons are a real pain. Anver Pest Control provides home and business owners with quality pigeon and pest removal services in the Las Vegas area. If you’ve experienced an invasion or want your home pigeon-free, contact us for a quote.

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