The Benefits Of Professional Pest Control For Summerlin Homes

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Protecting your home from pests in Summerlin can feel like a full-time job. That's why hundreds of locals turn to professional teams to secure their properties from the never-ending onslaught of pests.

This practical guide from Anver Pest Control explains all the reasons why professional pest control works. In addition to discussing some top pest threats, we offer actionable tips to pest-proof your home and explain the benefits of proactive prevention.

Curious to learn more about professional pest control in Summerlin? We outline a few of our most popular services near the end of the guide.

Top Pest Threats For Area Homes

There are dozens of pests you can find in Summerlin, from spiders and crickets to pigeons and bed bugs. We're only outlining the most common species here so you know what to expect before the 'busy season' strikes.

There are four common pest threats you can find in Summerlin, including:

  1. Rodents: More than 21 million U.S. homes experience a rodent infestation every year. Deer mice, Norway rats, house mice, and roof rats are the most common species.

  2. Roaches: Cockroaches in Summerlin are difficult to ignore, especially since German roaches have become one of the most common pests in the state. You're likely to spot them hiding in dark, damp areas like basements, bathrooms, and pantries.

  3. Bed bugs: One in five Americans may face a bed bug infestation this year. Sometimes referred to as the 'hitchhiking bug,' it's difficult to avoid exposure to these parasitic bugs.

  4. Ants: Insects like fire ants are a major problem in Summerlin. If you're not worried about bites or stings, you're likely concerned about possible food contamination.

Although each of these pests poses its risks to people, many of them appear around Summerlin pantries and kitchens. Knowing how to pest-proof your kitchen is an invaluable skill – which is one of the reasons we're outlining the steps below.

Pest-Proofing Your Kitchen: Tips For A Bug-Free Cooking Space

The best way to protect your Summerlin home from pests is to apply DIY home pest control in the kitchen. It's not possible to do this with 100% efficiency, but you can still make it difficult for pests to invade.

First, store open food in airtight containers like gasket-lidded jars and punch-in plastic bins. These are excellent for deterring common pests and reducing access to food. Next, wipe down your counters and sweep and mop your floors to remove any crumbs or spills. 

Remember: what looks like a few grains of rice to a human could look like a feast to hungry roaches.

If you have any household pets (like dogs, cats, and birds), be sure to seal up their food in airtight bins. Even wild bird seed needs a container if you want to keep pests out of your home.

Keep in mind these prevention measures do not guarantee a pest-free home. If, despite your efforts, you wind up with pests in your house, you can turn to Anver Pest Control for help.

Professional Pest Control Offers Lasting Protection For Your Home

Professional pest control services for Summerlin homes start with the team at Anver Pest Control. Serving hundreds of customers since 2016, we make it easier than ever to defend your loved ones from harm.

We currently offer residential pest control servicesto prevent common pests from getting inside. We also offer specialty services for rodents and roaches if you require additional support.

Interested in requesting an inspection? Fill out our online contact form today.

Proactive Prevention Is Essential For Keeping Pests Away

Professional pest control is a great way to remove infestations, but being proactive takes protection a step further.

Below are some effective prevention tips from our local pest control company:

  • Remove vegetation from the sides of the house

  • Seal up cracks or gaps around the home

  • Repair ripped screens or brittle mesh

  • Keep grass trimmed low 

Remember: if pests get inside your home, Anver Pest Control is here to help. Give us a call to learn more about your options for residential pest control in Summerlin.