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Mosquito Myths and Facts

The return of summer means the return of pesky mosquitoes. This means your backyard barbeques and summer hot dog roasts will be bombarded with buzzing pests, and the only worse than mosquito buzzing and the itchy bites they leave behind. 

mosquito biting arm skin

Unfortunately, there are a number of myths that persist about mosquitoes that can hinder your ability to protect yourself from the annoyance their presence creates and the hazards their bites bring. Knowledge is power, so here are some common myths that persist about mosquitoes along with the facts that you can use to help prepare yourself:

Myth #1: Everyone is at equal risk for mosquito bites

On the contrary, mosquitoes prefer certain people over others. Or rather, they prefer certain blood types. Type O is not only the most universal blood donor but also most preferred by mosquitoes. According to a study, mosquitos are twice as likely to land on a person with type O than any other type, with type A following close behind.

Myth #2: Any mosquito repellent will be effective at deterring mosquitoes

According to the American Mosquito Control Association, mosquito repellents come in a variety of forms– sprays, creams, bracelets, and not all are proven equal. While some prove useful, others lack the power to repel mosquitoes. No matter the type of application, mosquito repellents containing DEET remain the most effective form of prevention.

Myth #3: It’s okay to scratch a mosquito bite

On the contrary, scratching is one of the worst things you can do if you find yourself covered in bites. Despite how much they itch, you have to leave them alone and give them time to heal. Scratching a mosquito bite only prolongs the healing process and puts you at risk for a secondary skin infection. If you scratch too much, you can break the skin causing a bacterial skin infection which can cost you a trip to your primary care physician.

Myth #4: Mosquito bites are most common in the early morning or late afternoon

According to the CDC, there is no specific time of day that mosquitoes prefer to be out and on the hunt. Although exposure to mosquitoes may be higher at certain times, the best way to prevent mosquito bites is to wear protective clothing and repellent no matter the time of day.

Myth #5: You can get rid of mosquitoes on your own.

Mosquitoes are a persistent pest that most homeowners simply aren’t equipped to deal with on their own. Don’t let mosquitoes trap you indoors all summer. Contact Anver Pest Control in the Las Vegas area to learn how best to deal with mosquitoes and all pests that invade your home. 

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