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4 Chemical-Free Alternatives To Bug Spray

Many people, for one reason or another, prefer to use chemical-free bug spray. Some people are uncomfortable preventing residential pests by putting products on their body or around their home that contain hard-to-pronounce chemicals, while others find commercial-grade products irritating to the skin. Whatever the reason, there are alternative options to over-the-counter bug solutions for your Henderson, NV home

mosquito on skin

1. Burning Sage

Burning sage has long had a role in the religious community warding off evil spirits, but did you know it can also be used as a homemade bug repellent? It’s free of harsh chemicals and grows easily in your backyard, so you can throw some sage in your campfire this summer and enjoy a mosquito-free evening! The only downside of burning sage is that there is no guarantee it will work, and the smell will stay in your clothes or home for a while. 

2. Diatomaceous Earth

For humans, this harmless powder can be used for constipation, high cholesterol, and improving skin, nail, and hair health; however, to a bug, this powder can be deadly. Hard-to-kill bugs such as cockroaches, ants, and scorpions all fall prey to Diatomaceous Earth. This powder is safe for pets and humans, but, for bugs with exoskeletons, the powder clings to them and slowly sucks the fat and oils out of their bodies, so you can eliminate scorpion activity. You can use Diatomaceous Earth anywhere you want bugs to stay away from, such as the foundation of your home. 

3. Essential Oils

Most bugs have a very sensitive sense of smell and find many strong odors offensive. What smells great to us can be repulsive to an insect. Pleasant scents like lavender or eucalyptus smell pleasant to us but can repel bugs such as mosquitos or flies. Mix a few drops of these essential oils in water or witch hazel and spray it around your home. But be careful to keep it out of your eyes and off your skin as it can cause irritation.  

4. Homemade Herb Repellent

Just like with sage, you can boil herbs to create a homemade bug repellent. This alternative is entirely safe for pets and kids, so spray it to your liking around your home. How do you use it? Take some of your favorite herbs, drop them in boiling water, strain out all solids, and put them in a spray bottle! Herbs like mint or catnip (be careful, your cats will go crazy) are particularly effective at repelling pests.

Call A Professional

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