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What You Need To Know About Rodents In Henderson, Nevada

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Rodents are the largest group of mammals living worldwide. One thing that rats, mice, and all other rodents have in common is their ever-growing front incisors.

Rodents use their strong front teeth for many things, including chewing their way into buildings, gathering food, and defense. To keep their teeth healthy and from overgrowing, rodents constantly gnaw on objects they come across.

Rodents are destructive, dangerous pests that all Henderson, Nevada homeowners need to guard their properties against!

Frequently Asked Questions About Rodents

What are rodents?

A type of mammal, rodents are common pests that have learned to live near people. Rats and mice are two of the most regular visitors to our homes and businesses, taking advantage of the temperature-controlled environment and easy access to food they provide.

Mice and rats are similar creatures, with the biggest difference being their size; adult rats are larger than adult mice. Another difference between the two is that mice have a more triangular-shaped nose, while the rat’s nose is blunter. The ears of a mouse are larger than the rat’s, compared to the size of its head. Also, the tail of a mouse is thin and covered in a velvety layer of hair, while the rat has a thick, scaly tail that is free of hair.

Are rodents dangerous?

Mice, rats, and other types of rodents that move into a building cause many problems for people and our structures. They damage wires, pipes, drywall, flooring, and wooden trim with their chewing habits. With a high metabolism, rodents are always on the lookout for food. Inside our homes, they quickly contaminate food and surfaces with saliva and excrement. Rodents also spread many diseases and introduce parasites that make people ill. Never tolerate the presence of rodents in or around your home or business.

Why do I have a rodent problem?

Rodents can become a problem on any of our Henderson properties. The biggest reason is because of the multiple sources of food our properties unintentionally offer.

Common rodent foraging sites include:

  • Trash cans
  • Compost
  • Gardens and fruit trees
  • Bird feeders
  • Pet food bowls
  • Indoor and outdoor eating areas
  • Stored food in our kitchens and pantries

In addition to food, our properties offer rodents plenty of sheltered nesting sites and access to water. Rodents have become very comfortable turning our yards and house into places they call home.

Where will I find rodents?

Wild rodents live successfully outside but won’t hesitate to move into human structures. Our houses, garages, and sheds offer them dry, safe shelter. Temperature extremes and lack of food outside drives rodents indoors. When rodents enter our homes, they quickly look for a nesting site that puts them out of sight but close to food sources.

Common places to find nesting rodents include wall voids, crawl spaces, the backs of cabinets, and spaces behind large appliances. Areas of clutter, storage boxes, and the interior of upholstered furniture are other places we come across hiding rodents.

How do I get rid of rodents?

To get started getting rid of rodents from your Henderson or Las Vegas area property, partner with us at Anver Pest Control. We know how to accurately identify, target, treat, and remove unwanted rodents from Nevada properties. Quick action is the best way to eliminate rodents and limit their dangers and damage. We work closely with our homeowners and suggest exclusion methods to help keep future rodents from easily entering your home. For more information about our effective rodent control services, call now.

How can I prevent rodents in the future?

There are many helpful tips that you can use to help prevent problems with rodents.

Make your home less available to rodents by sealing gaps around windows, doors, and cracks in the foundation and exterior walls. Use a material that can stand up to their strong teeth, like metal flashing or steel wool, to fill spaces around wires, pipes, and other utilities entering your home.

Like any living creature, rodents like to live near water sources – repairing leaky pipes, clearing out clogged gutters, and eliminating containers in your yard that collect water is essential when trying to deter rodent activity.

Limit a rodent’s access to food by placing tight-fitting lids on trash cans and compost bins, picking up uneaten pet food every evening, and harvesting fruits and vegetables from gardens. Inside, remove food from its original containers and place it inside containers with airtight lids. Never leave food out in the open on counters or tables. Store fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator.

If you are dealing with a rodent infestation, contact the professionals at Anver Pest Control for the best rodent removal in Henderson, NV. Our rodent control services will help you maintain a property free of rodents and other pests!

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