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Located alongside the city of Henderson, the community of Seven Hills is a master-planned neighborhood home to some of the most notable names in the City of Angels. This affluent neighborhood is the birthplace of the Rio Secco Golf Club,  a luxury club for those living seven miles from the main Las Vegas strip. World-famous celebrities, including Bryce Harper, Pierre Omidyar, and Mike Tyson, have been reported to live within the walls of this beautiful development. Seven Hills is easily one of the most well-thought-out communities near the Las Vegas strip. But despite its good intentions and attempted solutions, no developers have managed to eliminate all ‘normal’ discomforts from the premises. This includes the ongoing presence of pest activity and infestations.

Not much has changed in the way of pest activity near this community, with hundreds of property owners finding dangerous pests in and around their buildings. Home and business owners alike need to invest their time and money in solutions that matter. Anver Pest Control is the Seven Hills provider of all things pest management, looking for new ways to remove pests as quickly as possible. To learn more about our pest control solutions, or to book an initial visitation to your property, call our Seven Hills team immediately.

Home Pest Control In Seven Hills, NV

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At Anver Pest Control, we believe that better doesn’t need to mean complicated. We offer simple, straightforward, and fast-acting pest control programs that net pests right where they’re at. We capitalize on your home’s position and individual microbiome, developing a unique pest control plan for every and any need. We offer three-step residential pest plans for all homeowners, as well as some specialized services for at-risk clients:

  • Scorpion inspections and elimination
  • Bed bug management and control
  • Rat and mouse exterminations
  • Occasional invader abatements

We strive to make pest control affordable, simplistic, and easy to obtain for all homeowners in the Seven Hills area. If your home meets certain requirements, it may qualify for our world-famous $29 initial service. To discover your eligibility for our exciting new residential pest control program, take our 30-second survey now!

Commercial Pest Control In Seven Hills, NV

If your Seven Hills business does not currently have a commercial pest control plan in place, you could be leaving your property up to whim, fancy, and chance. It doesn’t take much to attract dangerous pests to your property, inviting hundreds of new vectors that could endanger your building, customers, and employees.

Commercial pest control plans from Anver Pest Control are different, combating hundreds of local pests with airtight, affordable plans. We simplify the pest control process by boiling all out services down into three simple steps:

  1. An initial visitation that checks the home for signs of pest activity, infestation, or potential damages.
  2. An ongoing treatment service that visits your home regularly, from bi-monthly services to yearly check-ins.
  3. An airtight pest-free guarantee that promises to get rid of all your plaguing pests – or your money back!

Confirm your choice of a commercial pest control plan for your Seven Hills business. We are standing by to take your call at any time.

Six Simple Tricks To Keep Rodents Out Of Your Seven Hills Home

The last thing you ever want to find around your Seven Hills Property is a rodent infestation. From rats and mice to the occasional squirrel, rodents can create a large amount of damage inside your home. Rats are known to chew through electrical wires and cause fires. Mice are known to shred insulation and other materials to build their nests. Squirrels are known for dropping down through the chimney and infesting attics and roof spaces, often leading to foul odors.

Below are six simple tricks that will help keep rodents out of your Seven Hills home:

  1. Perform a deep cleaning of the home at least once per year.
  2. Store all garbage inside properly sealed bags within the home.
  3. Keep food items off the counter as often as possible.
  4. Remove trash from the home at least once per week.
  5. Seal all cracks and entry points with waterproof caulking.
  6. Investigate opportunities to get ongoing rodent protection plans.

Anver Pest Control offers many ways to get and stay rodent-free. Submit an online contact form to learn more about what we do.

All The Ways Ants Get Into Seven Hills Homes

Are there ants crawling into your Seven Hills property? You are not alone. There are many ways that ants could get into your home or business, including:

  • The exploitation of entry points
  • Riding inside on trash or cooking utensils
  • Hitchhiking on potted plants

Contact Anver Pest Control to set up an ant protection program as soon as possible.

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