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Struggling to find expert pigeon and pest control for your Henderson home or business? You'll be happy to know your long search has ended – the professionals at Anver Pest Control can help.

Anver Pest Control offers a three-step pigeon control process with proven results for residential and commercial property owners. We rely on best practices and cutting-edge treatments to ensure a quality outcome for yourself, the birds, and the planet. From eco-friendly exclusion tactics to established professional partnerships, you can trust us to get rid of pigeons with speed and skill.

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What To Expect From Our Pigeon Removal Service

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Every pigeon control service from Anver Pest Control follows a simple three-step process: inspection, exclusion, and disinfection (depending on your needs). By teaming up with a local pigeon specialist who also has years of experience in the field, we can inspect, design, and execute a custom plan within a matter of days.

Here's what you can expect: 

  1. Our inspection process is extremely thorough and looks for all signs of pigeon activity. We may look at the roof line of your property and inspect entry points, chimney stacks, and roosting areas. 
  2. Our team can offer exclusion services for all the nooks and roof cavities of your property, using wiring and netting, depending on your needs. We can also use a special mesh around solar panels to prevent unwanted pigeons from nesting underneath. 
  3. We supply a disinfectant treatment that deters pigeons from trying to return. The products we use can reduce strong odors and bacteria, removing the scent of familiarity and keeping pigeons out of the house. 

Ready to schedule a pigeon pest control service for your home or business? Reach out to us directly to learn more.

Our Pigeon Removal Process


Our experts perform a thorough inspection of your property to look for the signs and symptoms of pigeons around your property. We may look at roof lines, roosting areas, and susceptible entry points to determine points of infiltration and heavily infested areas.


We prevent pest pigeons from returning to your property by applying an extensive range of pigeon control products. Not only can we install special wires, nets, and meshes, but we can help you make informed decisions about future protections as well.


We remove the remnants of pigeon activity to prevent future infestations. The dislodging of droppings, carrion, and nesting materials can lower your risks of disease transfer and reduce the likelihood of secondary pest infestations, including fleas or flies. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Pigeon Removal

Pigeons can be dirty pests that require an extensive amount of cleanup to remediate. For one thing, these birds act as vectors for bacteria and parasites, which may be spread from their carrion, droppings, or nesting sites. Additionally, pigeons may be reattracted to certain spaces with strong odors; and the scent of droppings and other messes may draw new birds back inside.

Anver Pest Control would be happy to advise you on pigeon disinfectant services in Henderson. Simply get in touch with our team today to set up an inspection at a time convenient to you.

Yes! The team behind Anver Pest Control offers eco-friendly pest bird control services to property owners in Henderson. We strive for an integrated approach to pigeon management by using a proven strategy of identification, exclusion, and disinfection. Plus, our team applies a combination of mesh, wiring, and netting to prevent problematic pigeons from getting back inside your home. Learn more about the specifics of our pest control for pigeons by contacting the office today.

The best way to prevent pigeon infestations near Henderson is to make your property unfriendly to roosting habitats and behavior. For example, remove any and all bird feeders or suet stands around the property that could be feeding birds. Next, perform a thorough cleaning of roof lines and entry points, taking additional care to eliminate debris that may serve as nesting material. Finally, contact the professionals at Anver Pest Control to set up a pigeon exclusion service at your convenience.

Putting Pest Birds To Flight – One Treatment At A Time

It's not every day you get pigeons inside your property – and not every day you find a pest control company that can help. However, when you partner with the expert team behind Anver Pest Control, you can rest easy knowing our pros have your back. We have years of experience in the pest bird control industry and have helped hundreds of households maintain their bird-free status. If you're currently struggling with a pigeon problem, you can trust Anver Pest Control to make a positive impact.

Ready to get started with pigeon and pest control in Henderson? Just give us a call to find out more.

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