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What You Need To Know About Crickets In Henderson, Nevada

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Crickets are pests that can potentially take over our Henderson area properties in large numbers. Learn about crickets, including what attracts them and the changes you can make around your property to keep them away with the help of our pest guide. Anver Pest Control is here to help you rid your property of unwanted guests; no homeowner should have to share their home with crickets or other types of pests.

Frequently Asked Questions About Crickets

What are crickets?

Crickets are medium to large-sized insects that are scavengers. These omnivores' feeding habits help to renew soil minerals by recycling decaying plant and animal matter.

An interesting fact about crickets is that not all can produce the tell-tale chirping sound these insects are associated with. When crickets do chirp, it is usually the males making the sound. They rub the grooves on the wings together to create a chirping sound and attract females.

We identify crickets by their rounded heads, long thin antennae, and oblong cylindrical bodies. They have six legs, and the back pair is larger and more robust than the rest. The cricket's large back legs allow them to jump long distances

Are crickets dangerous?

While crickets aren't a pest we consider dangerous, there are many reasons why homeowners should put into place a plan to keep them out of their homes.

Crickets are attracted to moisture; therefore, if they are in your home, it can be because you have a leak or other moisture problem that you need to address and repair. The defects in your home's exterior that allow crickets inside can also enable other insects and pests to enter your house.

Other problems that crickets who have become long-term guests in your home can cause include spreading bacteria to surfaces, contaminating food, and chewing on and damaging upholstered furniture, clothing, bedding, and paper items.

Furthermore, hearing crickets chirping outside can be calming, but the noise can be maddening inside your home!

Why do I have a cricket problem?

Crickets have high moisture needs. The damp soil in your yard's gardens and flowerbeds can attract the attention of these pests. Leaky pipes, faucets, and dripping air-conditioners offer crickets with regular water sources. Also, homes with high humidity levels risk becoming a place that crickets can call home.

Another common way a cricket infestation may occur is after purchasing these insects from a pet store to feed a family pet. Feeder crickets can be challenging to contain, escape their enclosure, and take cover within your home.

Where will I find crickets?

Whether inside or outside your home, crickets are drawn to dark, damp areas. Outside, crickets like to gather under rocks, woodpiles, trash cans, compost, leaf piles, and landscaping ties.

When their outside habitat becomes too hot or dry, crickets migrate to find moisture. Crickets living near houses and other structures use small defects they come across to move indoors. Once inside, they move to areas that offer them a suitable habitat. Cabinets under sinks, damp basements, poorly ventilated crawl spaces, closets, and utility rooms are all places crickets are likely to gather.

How do I get rid of crickets?

Crickets can be frustrating pests to control and eliminate. The most stress-free way to get rid of crickets is to partner with a professional and implement a year-round pest control program. Anver Pest Control offers residential pest control services that will remove unwanted pests from your property and help prevent them from returning. We provide thorough inspections, tailored treatments, and follow-up visits that will solve your property's pest problems once and for all. For more information about our eco-friendly pest control options, call now. 

How can I prevent crickets in the future?

Use the following prevention tips to help stop crickets in Henderson from taking over your property. 

  • Remove unnecessary rocks, logs, and landscaping ties from your property. 
  • Maintain your lawn, and keep the grass cut short. 
  • Rake up fallen leaves. 
  • Seal spaces under exterior doors and around windows and doors. 
  • Repair moisture problems like leaky pipes or fixtures in and around your home.
  • Keep basements, crawl spaces, and other storage areas free of debris.
  • Ensure your home has good ventilation.
  • Reduce excess moisture in your home using dehumidifiers.

If you are tired of sharing your property with crickets, we can help. Contact us today for information about our cricket control offerings for your business or home!

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