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North Las Vegas is on the northern edge of the Las Vegas Valley and has over 250,000 residents, making it the fourth-largest city in Nevada. The city is home to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway and provides residents with several outdoor activities like biking, hiking, off-roading, and fishing.

The city's location near the Lake Mead National Recreation Area, the Desert National Wildlife Refuge, and Mount Charleston allows residents to interact with the local wildlife. It also provides animals access to our homes and businesses, causing problems for residents. North Las Vegas pest control professionals can solve these issues.

Anver Pest Control provides expert pest solutions for Las Vegas Valley residents. Our technicians know the pests that invade North Las Vegas properties and have the tools to remove them.

Residential Pest Control In North Las Vegas

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North Las Vegas provides residents with close access to Las Vegas' many entertainment options while living in a quiet community. Unfortunately, pests can hinder our enjoyment by causing damage and spreading illnesses when they invade homes.

At Anver Pest Control, the first step in our residential pest control services is understanding your problem. We'll speak with you to learn about your issues and inspect your house. Our general pest defense system involves a combination of products designed to target pests where they reside. We'll also close off entry points to prevent further problems.

In addition to our initial services, we recommend bimonthly visits, which include exterior treatments and interior services if needed. Call us today to learn how our residential services can protect your North Las Vegas home.

Commercial Pest Control In North Las Vegas

Keeping pests out of your business should be a top priority. These creatures can damage your building, contaminate products, and spread illnesses to employees and visitors. Even loyal customers will stay away from your facility if they see pests crawling around. A commercial pest control plan will help to avoid these problems and give your business the best chance at success.

At Anver Pest Control, our services start by discovering your pest problems with a thorough inspection. The pest concerns of every business are unique, so we customize our pest services to your specific situation. After our initial visit, we offer weekly, biweekly, monthly, and bimonthly recurring services, depending on your needs.

We service facilities in various industries and have the experience to help you. Give us a call to remove pests from your North Las Vegas business.

How Do You Get Rid Of Pigeons In North Las Vegas?

Some bird species are nice to have on your North Las Vegas property, but pigeons aren't one of them. Their acidic feces can damage gutters, metal, and stone while spreading potentially troublesome pathogens.

As you might expect, removing pigeons from your property is difficult. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to keep these birds away, including:

  • Fill holes in your building and open spaces on flat surfaces.
  • Remove food and water from outdoor areas.
  • Store garbage in bins with tight-fitting lids.
  • Clean bird baths regularly.

When pigeons claim part of your property, Anver Pest Control can help. We team up with a local pigeon specialist for the best pigeon control services in the area. We'll inspect your roof line, potential entry points, and nesting areas to find the pests and use the best exclusion techniques to remove them. After removal, we'll eliminate familiar odors to keep them from returning.

Pigeons can cause damage and health concerns when they invade North Las Vegas properties. Let us know if you need to get these birds away from your home or business.

The Solution To Total Rodent Control For Your North Las Vegas Home

The roof rat is one of the most common rodents in North Las Vegas. Unlike other rodents, roof rats can climb trees to reach your roof, providing access to your attic. They can chew on wiring and dig through your insulation when they get inside, requiring repairs and increasing your bills.

These pests begin causing damage to your home soon after entering, so preventing entry is the best way to avoid these problems. Some prevention tips to keep roof rats and other rodents out of your North Las Vegas home include:

  • Keep firewood away from your house.
  • Close holes or gaps in your home's exterior.
  • Eliminate sources of moisture.
  • Seal your food in airtight containers.
  • Remove garbage regularly.

Rodents carry various diseases and bite if they feel threatened, so you should call the professionals at Anver Pest Control to get rid of rodents in your home. We'll inspect the interior and exterior of your house to find the pests and their entry points before developing a customized treatment plan to eliminate the problem.

Rodents can cause severe damage and spread illnesses throughout your house if you allow them to remain. Call us today to eliminate rodent infestations in your North Las Vegas home.

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