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Housing some of the most affluent people in the United States, the residents of MacDonald Ranch, Nevada sit at one of the highest elevation points in Las Vegas. The foothills of Black Mountain provide a scenic backdrop to homes and gated communities all over the McCullough Mountains and offer a view of the Las Vegas Strip from a quiet, subdued distance.

Home and business owners in the MacDonald Ranch, Nevada area have come to expect nothing but the best from their goods, services, and experiences. This is why the professional team at Anver Pest Control continues to be one of the best pest control services in the greater Las Vegas suburbs. Our team understands the duress caused by pest species, including scorpions, bed bugs, and rodents. We use a variety of treatment types and products to create a positive outcome while maintaining a discreet, safe environment for your family.

Contact the professional team at Anver Pest Control for information regarding our residential, commercial, and specialty pest treatment products. We have everything you need to get your MacDonald Ranch, Nevada property protected against creatures of all types. Call, click, or simply submit an online contact form to be connected with a knowledgeable agent right away.

Home Pest Control In MacDonald Ranch, NV

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The home you chose to purchase in MacDonald Ranch, Nevada is a reflection of your hard work, pride, and personal tastes. By selecting a subpar or inefficient pest control plan, you may be risking the safety of your property, family, and loved ones.

The effective and eco-friendly pest control of Anver Pest Control works fast to eliminate pests without causing further damage. Each of our three plans provides an opportunity to secure your home with reliable protection and prevents the accumulation of additional pests. Anver Pest Control’s three residential pest control plans include:

  1. General Pest + Scorpion: A service plan that covers over 20 different pest species, this plan provides a complete scorpion protection plan that utilizes sprays and interior products.
  2. $29.00 General Pest Service: This plan addresses the interior and exterior of your home with year-round prevention on 20+ pest species. The cost-effective nature makes it our most popular option.
  3. Bed Bug Inspection: Our team inspects, protects, and insures your home against bed bug activity by offering two different treatment types and a 45-day warranty.

Refuse to leave the security of your MacDonald Ranch, Nevada home up to chance. Book a home pest control plan with Anver Pest Control now.

Commercial Pest Control In MacDonald Ranch, NV

Pests often choose comfortable and easily accessible properties to infest, and in the MacDonald Ranch, Nevada area, this often includes commercial properties. Not all pest species in the greater Las Vegas area are dangerous or destructive to the properties they infest. However, all pests create some form of tension between businesses and their customers, driving away patrons and employees who otherwise would have helped the business thrive.

Commercial pest control in MacDonald Ranch, Nevada is not a one-size-fits-all, and at Anver Pest Control, we offer a set of customized plans that protect your business in many ways. Our enterprise provides the personalization and high-quality service expected of a small business, as well as the efficiency of a facility twice our size. By combining our treatment programs with tailor-made plans, we protect businesses in many industries. Businesses we serve include:

  • Schools And Universities
  • Places Of Worship
  • Medical Facilities
  • Storage Warehouses
  • Restaurants And Food Prep

Trust your business into good hands. Reach out to Anver Pest Control and book a commercial pest control plan for your property.

Scorpion Extermination: What MacDonald Ranch Residents Ought To Know

Scorpions are becoming frequent invaders around residential and commercial properties alike. With their presence comes a risk for stings, severe reactions, and hospitalizations, as well as an infestation that may be difficult to treat.
Many homeowners believe that DIY(do it yourself) scorpion control provides a quick answer to infested lawns or homes. However, this is simply untrue because:

  • Scorpions are often highly secretive and difficult to find, making them hard to eliminate.
  • DIY scorpion control is useful as a preventative, but it cannot be used as a treatment for an infestation.
  • Over-the-counter scorpion treatments may be dangerous or even life-threatening to at-risk victims.

Schedule a scorpion pest control service with Anver Pest Control now.

Five Key Signs Your MacDonald Home Has A Bed Bug Problem

Bed bugs may be spotted around your MacDonald home in one of five ways:

  1. Blood spotting on bed sheets or linens
  2. Excrement stains on pillows or pajamas
  3. A musky sweet scent around the house
  4. Itchy bumps on the skin
  5. Piles of exoskeletons in the same area

Protect your MacDonald house from the effects of bed bugs by receiving a bed bug inspection and control from Anver Pest Control today.

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