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Got German Roaches? Anver Pest Control Can Help

The German cockroach is a dangerous pest that is notoriously difficult to remove. These adaptive insects can grow and thrive in any environment and are next to impossible to control through over-the-counter treatments. Thanks to durable exoskeletons, adaptive behaviors, and rapid breeding cycles, not just any pest control service can remove German roaches from your property.

But Anver Pest Control isn't just any pest control company – we're a proven industry leader with hundreds of happy customers to prove it. Established with decades of combined experience and a clear vision of customer success, our company can perform German cockroach removal services in a wide variety of environments. It's not just a promise; it's a guarantee!

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What To Expect From Our German Cockroach Removal Service

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You need technique, strategy, and skill to completely remove German cockroaches from your property. Fortunately, Anver Pest Control offers all three in a single service. We use a multistep process to get rid of cockroaches at all stages of infestation, adapting our level of application and unique approach to your specific needs.

Here's what our three-step strategy looks like in action: 

  • Knockdown treatment: This is a specific product designed to combat German roaches and is paired with a growth inhibitor to treat all cockroaches around the property. 
  • German cockroach bait: We apply specialized bait near cracks and crevices in the home to address all places German roaches like to hide. These hiding places are typically found in kitchens and may include cabinets, counters, or spaces behind the fridge.
  • Growth inhibitor: Sometimes referred to as IGR, this treatment stops the roach's life cycle and prevents younger roaches from reaching adulthood.

Please keep in mind our German cockroach follow up treatments are dependent on severity. Minor infestations may require just one visit, but more severe concerns may need return visits for up to seven months. Your technician can recommend a cadence depending on the results of your inspection.

Ready to get started? So is Anver Pest Control. Call today to see if your home qualifies for our discounted initial inspection. 

Our German Cockroach Removal Process


We inspect your home or business for German cockroaches and the signs of their activity. We may evaluate their most suspect areas – including bathrooms, pantries, and basements – to locate breeding areas or high-traffic zones. Our team can determine the presence of a cockroach infestation with exceedingly high accuracy.


We apply three separate treatments to the home or business: knockdown applications, baits, and growth inhibitors. All three work together to stop cockroaches at all stages of their lifecycle, helping you take back your property from dangerous German cockroaches.


We return to your property for continuous follow up visits depending on the severity of your infestation. While some minor German cockroach problems require just one return visit, others may require periodic returns over several months. Your assigned technician can help you choose a frequency and duration based on the size of your German cockroach infestation.

Frequently Asked Questions About German Cockroach Removal

German cockroaches are some of the most difficult pests to remove in the Battle Born State. Not only do they reproduce rapidly and expand colony sizes quickly, but their thick carapaces and adaptable bodies can survive even the toughest over-the-counter treatments. If you're serious about getting rid of roaches around your Henderson property, you should know professional treatments are one of your only options for total pest removal. Learn more by contacting Anver Pest Control today.

Yes! Anver Pest Control is a big believer in eco-friendly service, which is why our hand-selected list of pest control products comes with multiple eco-friendly options. Whether you're getting rid of just a little infestation or looking to control massive numbers, our team is ready to help you make an impact without leaving behind harmful residues. Call now to see what we can do for your property.

Since German cockroach infestations vary widely depending on your property type, there's no way to know how many follow-ups you'll need until after scheduling an inspection with our crew. The professionals at Anver Pest Control pride themselves on accuracy and can provide you with a custom quote and timeline for your needs. Just give us a call today to get started.

Get Personalized German Cockroach Treatments From Anver Pest Control

German cockroach control can feel overwhelming at best, especially if you've never encountered these pests before. Thankfully, when you partner with Anver Pest Control, you can rely on our experts to get the job done right. We know just how to identify and treat problem pests around your property with a set of powerful treatments, then schedule follow-up services that adapt to your needs, resulting in a roach-free property.

Take the first step to removing German cockroaches by contacting Anver Pest Control today. We look forward to taking your call and booking an initial inspection.

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