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6 Ways to Keep Your Home Bed Bug Free

October 19, 2021

Bed Bugs. Just the word itself is enough to send you into a frenzy. Bed bugs are known for hiding in the folds of your mattress, box spring, curtains, couch and feeding off your blood when you’re least expecting it. They don’t carry diseases, but who wants to live with the knowledge that they share their bed with bugs and live with tiny bite marks? If you’re wondering how to prevent bed bugs, here are a few ways to help:... Read More

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The Most Effective Way to Eradicate a Bed Bug Infestation

August 16, 2021

A lot of people like to take pest control matters into their own hands. After all, there are plenty of DIY or over-the-counter methods that can eradicate ordinary bugs, and many people have found success in temporarily getting rid of their ordinary pest issues using these tools.... Read More

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Fact or Fiction: 10 Bed Bug Myths

May 7, 2021

There is a lot of false information surrounding bed bugs. In order to handle an infestation or prevent one, you should know what is true or false about these pesky bugs! Here are 10 common misconceptions about bed bugs.... Read More

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How Did These Bed Bugs Get Into My Henderson Home?

February 15, 2021

Bed bugs are pests that infest human dwelling spaces, especially those with a high traffic volume. Many people believe that dirty homes and living spaces are the only places that attract these insects, but the truth is that bed bugs are happy to settle just about anywhere. ... Read More


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