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Is Your Attic Home to Pests?

May 21, 2021

With warmer weather finally here, spring cleaning is in the air. You’re organizing, deep cleaning, and dejunking your home, but when was the last time you cleaned your attic or crawl spaces?... Read More

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Fact or Fiction: 10 Bed Bug Myths

May 7, 2021

There is a lot of false information surrounding bed bugs. In order to handle an infestation or prevent one, you should know what is true or false about these pesky bugs! Here are 10 common misconceptions about bed bugs.... Read More

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DIY Pesticides vs. Professional Pesticides

April 30, 2021

You will probably see scorpions, rodents, bed bugs and termites and think it’s something you can handle yourself. However, DIY methods of pest control can often do more damage than good and can be hazardous to your health!... Read More

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How To Protect Your Car From Rodents

April 20, 2021

Have you ever let your car sit for a few days and go to start it only to find something is wrong under the hood? When the mechanics examine your car they find frayed or damaged wiring which can only mean one thing-- rodents are calling your car home.... Read More

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