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black scorpion crawling on the ground

5 Handy Scorpion Prevention Tips For Las Vegas Valley Property Owners

October 15, 2020

When people picture Nevada, they think of a flat, arid, desert landscape sprawling for miles, leading to the tall buildings and casinos of Las Vegas. But what about us Nevadans who don’t live in Vegas? People seem to forget about those of us who don’t call Vegas home. In Las Vegas Valley, it’s not all bright city lights and poker chips, but we take pride in our properties. And, desert climate or not, we enjoy the time in our ... Read More

tick on skin

5 Tips to Protect Your Pets from Ticks in Las Vegas

October 8, 2020

If you plan on spending time outside in your yard, or in the great outdoors, most likely you will encounter these blood-sucking pests. They are known for spreading Lyme Disease, and will latch onto humans and pets alike. At Anver Pest Control, we have some helpful tips to keep ticks at bay!... Read More

black scorpion crawling on the ground

3 Things That Attract Scorpions to Your Home

September 28, 2020

If you’re concerned about a recent scorpion sighting in or around your home, call Anver Pest Control. We specialize in eradicating and preventing scorpion infestations. Las Vegas is a beautiful place to live, don’t let scorpions in your home ruin that. Call Anver Pest Control for a free inspection today!... Read More

spider crawling on the floor

How to Prevent Spiders In Your Henderson, NV Home

September 21, 2020

If you are noticing the beginning of an infestation in your house, it is time to call in the professionals for help. Anver Pest Control tailors your treatment to your specific needs to ensure that pests of all kinds stay out of your home. Call Anver Pest Control today to speak with a professional about your pest infestation and to set up an appointment for your Henderson home today! ... Read More

a black widow spider making a web outside a home

Henderson's Helpful Guide To Black Widow Spiders

September 15, 2020

If there is one spider that’s likely to make you scared when you see it, it’s the black widow. These spiders have quite a horrible reputation in our society for being a dangerous pest, and unfortunately, for the most part, the haunting tales about black widow spiders are true. ... Read More

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