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What Happens to Pests During Winter?

With colder weather just around the corner, where do pests go? We assume they die off, but just like bears go into hibernation and birds fly south for the winter, pests go dormant as well. Where do they go to wait out the colder weather? Learn more about how specific pests survive the Las Vegas winter. 


It’s not very often that you see an army of ants marching across your kitchen counter in January. So where do they go? During the fall months, ants overindulge in food hoping to put on the pounds and add fat to their little bodies. As the months get colder, their body temperature and productivity significantly reduces. They seal up their colonies and hunker down underground to wait out the cold months. As the weather warms up, they come out of hibernation awaiting your next summer barbeque to crash. 

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can withstand extremely cold temperatures and extremely hot temperatures– up to 122 degrees. This makes controlling and exterminating them extremely difficult. During the winter, your home is the perfect place for bed bugs to hole up and wait out the harsh winter weather. 


Cockroaches have been around for millions of years making them extremely adaptable and very hard to kill, but can they survive the cold? Generally speaking most cockroaches can survive year-round as long as they have access to a warm, damp environment. The German Cockroach, for example, prefers an indoor, humid environment close to food and water. This makes residential kitchens and bathrooms the perfect place for these critters to hide out year round. 

On the other hand, the American Cockroach prefers the warm outdoors. As soon as the weather turns cold, they will migrate into homes, restaurants, grocery stores and food processing plants. 

Now that you know what common Las Vegas pests do during the winter, it’s time to take the necessary precautions. Call Anver Pest Control to pest-proof your Las Vegas home before the colder weather sets in.  

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