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What Attracts Pigeons to Your Las Vegas Home?

If you spent any time in a big city, you’ve likely noticed pigeons hanging around. Pigeons make their home in large cities, and due to their numbers, they can fade into the background. While many people don’t even notice pigeons and can go as far as feeding them, these birds pose serious threats to your health. Understanding why they are attracted to your property and how to prevent them will keep your home and family safe.

pigeon up close

What Attracts Pigeons to Your Home?

Pigeons can introduce a variety of different problems for your home and the people living inside. They can spread diseases like E.Coli, ruin machinery, and cause slip and fall accidents with their poop. Because of these hazards, understanding the following three common pigeon attractants is the first step in preventing these nuisance birds.

Food: Pigeons are always in search of food. So if you have leftover food in your backyard or bird feeders, this will attract pigeons to your home.

Water: Like many animals, pigeons are attracted to and need water. They will drink from birdbaths, puddles, and even rainwater that collects in playground equipment or buckets.

Shelter: Just like humans, the weather – sun, rain, shine, snow, and heat – can take its toll. Pigeons will look for eaves in your roofing to take shelter from the elements.

How to Prevent Pigeons

Now that you understand why pigeons are attracted to your home, here are a few ways to prevent them from nesting on your property.

  • Never feed them. They are food motivated and will come back the next day.
  • Eliminate bird feeders or water sources that will attract pigeons.
  • Remove nests as soon as you see them.
  • Trim trees and other landscaping that can offer shelter.
  • Consider putting spikes or mesh wire around parts of your roof that pigeons can land on or nest in.
  • Call a professional pest control company.

Hire the Professionals

Due to the diseases that pigeons carry, protecting your Las Vegas home from these nuisance birds is a must. Although do-it-yourself methods may seem the easiest route, it can only take you so far with pigeon prevention. The best way to ensure your home and family are safe from pigeons is to hire a professional at Anver Pest Control to protect your home. Contact us today to get rid of pigeons and other pesky birds around your home.

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