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The Most Effective Way to Eradicate a Bed Bug Infestation

A lot of people like to take pest control matters into their own hands. After all, there are plenty of DIY or over-the-counter methods that can eradicate ordinary bugs, and many people have found success in temporarily getting rid of their ordinary pest issues using these tools.

bed bug on arm hair

Unfortunately, bed bugs are no ordinary pests. They are tiny, 1/4-inch long bugs that are extremely difficult to kill and feed on human blood. They’re also expert climbers: by hitchhiking from person to person and furniture to furniture, these pests can quickly set up camp in your home. 

While these bites can’t kill and are rarely outright painful, the insomnia, itching, and anemia they bring is reason enough to eradicate these pests – and fast. Telltale signs of an infestation are tiny bites marks up and down your body and excrement on your sheets. Many people see these signs and assume the infestation is small; that is the first misstep in handling a bed bug infestation. Once they take the situation into their own hands, even more problems usually emerge.

Let’s go into some of the many reasons why it’s never recommended to try to handle a bed bug problem on your own:

Why DIY Methods Don’t Work

There is nothing wrong with DIY methods of pest management – at least when it comes to prevention. DIY pest control can help to prevent bed bugs from entering your home, but once they are inside, it does little to actually eradicate them. Most at-home methods of eradication are a waste of money and do little to deter bed bugs from further spreading once they’ve gotten established in your home. 

A few DIY methods that are ineffective are:

1. Getting rid of the bedding or furniture.

This may seem like a common sense answer, but if you have bed bugs in your bed, you already have bed bugs in your furniture and other fabric items. They are quick to jump from item to item (even hiding in stuffed animals!) in your home making this form of treatment ultimately pointless.

2. Spraying with vinegar.

This method can be effective with other pests, but does little to eradicate bed bugs. Again, while vinegar can be an effective deterrent against numerous household pests, once they’ve already gotten inside, it will do little to stop them from continuing to spread.

3. Using a blow dryer.

It is common knowledge that heat can kill bed bugs, but a blow dryer is not a powerful enough opponent to stop this formidable foe. Unfortunately, a hair dryer simply can’t cover everywhere at once, so it’s easy to miss these small creatures where they might be hiding inside the folds of your bedding and furniture.

Even one tiny egg left behind can start an infestation all over again, which is why professional heat treatments are necessary to treat the entire home at once, killing them wherever they might be hiding.

How Anver Pest Control Gets The Entire Bed Bug Infestation

Bed bugs are tricky pests, which is why their treatments tend to be difficult, complicated, and detail-oriented. Because of this, homeowners often feel discouraged and frustrated when DIY methods don’t work and infestations only continue to grow. 

It should be mentioned that preventative measures go a long way with keeping bed bugs out of your home, and that proper prevention methods should always be taken to deter bed bugs as much as possible. However, even the most vigilant of home owners can be blindsided by an infestation, and once they’ve started making their presence felt, the only solution is to call a professional for help.

At Anver Pest Control, we create a treatment specific to the needs of your home and the severity of the infestation. We offer two types of services: liquid treatments for smaller infestations, and heat treatments for larger infestations. Our treatments are designed to terminate entire bed bug infestations and come with 100% guarantee and a 45 day follow-up. For the comprehensive bed bug solution you need, contact Anver Pest Control today for a free home inspection.

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