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Is Year-Round Pest Control Worth It?

It may seem like year-round pest control isn’t worth it, especially in the winter months, but effective pest control isn’t battling pests once you see them, it’s about battling pests before you see them. So to answer that question, yes, year-round pest control in Las Vegas is worth it! Treating your home year-round for pests will attack the larger issue rather than just coping with it short term. So, how does it work?

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1. Disrupts The Breeding Cycle 

The pests you see on your Las Vegas property aren’t just passing through, they live with you and are breeding right under your nose. In fact, the pest activity you see only counts for about 10% of your total pests.
It’s clearly not a great approach to just attack the pests you can see. That’s why products used by pest control professionals have delayed effects. This allows a pest to come in contact with a chemical and then take it back to its nest to have maximum impact.  
Usually, pest control products can’t eliminate insect eggs, so you have to wait until the eggs hatch to kill the spawn. Enter year-round home pest control. Think of it as a “one-two” punch: you knock out the initial pests and then their offspring.  

2. Creates A Barrier Around Your Home

Pests are quite literally everywhere. And they are adaptive little things. If their environment is not habitable, they simply move to the next area that is. If your neighbors just started pest control service, you better believe those pests are moving next door. Having your home regularly serviced not only ensures that your current pest problem is eradicated, but that new ones aren’t moving in. 
Treatment primarily focuses on the perimeter and base of your home, creating a barrier from insects. Naturally, over time, this barrier fades – whether from time, weather, or insects just adapting – and then your pest problem is back. That’s why it’s important to have your home regularly serviced to keep the insect barrier around your home strong. 

3. Customizes For The Seasons And Your Property

No matter where you live, seasons come with their own challenges. In Las Vegas, it is the heat that can drive thirsty insects inside your home. Although winter drives pests deep inside their nests, we know that come spring, they will be back in full force. 
The fact is, changes in weather affect insect activity, and if you have a professional treating your home, they will use this to their advantage. Anticipation of seasons allows professionals to change their products or treatment methods for the upcoming season. Las Vegas is lucky enough to have mild winters, which means year-round, preventative pest control is a must. 
4. Is Pest Control Really Necessary?
It can be tempting to try all the DIY treatments on your home instead of paying for a professional. But trust us, those solutions are only short-term and can be dangerous to your home and your health. Our professionals can provide quality pest control solutions to any pest problem. At Anver Pest Control, we will create a customized, year-round treatment plan for your home that ensures pest infestations are never on your mind. Call us today for a free home inspection! 

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