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Is Professional Pest Control Safe For Kids And Pets?

If you’re a parent to children or fur babies, you are very cautious about what chemicals and products you let into your home. We all know that pest treatments can be invasive to your home, but are they dangerous to your loved ones? The answer to this depends on the type of pest control you implement. 
Believe it or not, DIY methods are more toxic than professional products. Despite being promoted as less aggressive and healthier, DIY treatments such as Diatomaceous Earth, bleach, or vinegar are likely ineffective and introduce lung irritants into your home. Meanwhile, reputable Las Vegas pest control professionals, like Anver Pest Control, know how to safely use chemicals to target pests while doing little harm to your home and loved ones. 
Read on to learn about the problems with DIY pest control and why professional pest control is the safest choice for your family.

Common And Problematic DIY Methods

Parents are often so busy they resort to quick DIY methods in the home that can be harmful to children and pets. Diatomaceous Earth is one of these quick methods parents resort to. It is a very fine powder that you can place around the exterior of your home and it slowly kills any insects that come in contact with it. Just as it is an effective insect killer, it can be harmful to anyone with asthma or weak lungs, such as children or the elderly. 
Vinegar and bleach are two other common DIY insect repellents, although they are dangerous to your health. Vinegar and bleach combined volatilize in the air and contain compounds that can burn your lungs. These may not be noticed by healthy adults, but they can be harmful to those groups mentioned above. 
Home pest control products bought at Home Depot or other stores often claim to be more effective than DIY treatments, but are still not as effective as professional pest control products. Unless you know exactly what type of pest you’re dealing with, you’ll buy a broad-spectrum pesticide that contains a much higher level of noxious chemicals than needed. Pest control carried out by a professional targets the right pests, resulting in the use of fewer chemicals. 

The Safe Pest Control For Your Family

Rather than risking it with DIY methods of pest control, take advantage of the knowledge and expertise of a pest professional. Pest control experts, like the technicians at Anver Pest Control, study the life cycles and habits of pests specific to the Las Vegas area. This allows pest technicians to target the insects in your home with the correct chemicals, leaving your home and family safe. 
Whether you are dealing with cockroaches, rodents, ants, or any other pest, professional residential pest control is always the safest and most effective choice. If pests are making themselves comfortable in your home, call Anver Pest Control today for a free home inspection! 

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