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How To Protect Your Car From Rodents

During the colder months of the year rats, mice, squirrels and other rodents need warm places to live. Cars are the perfect place to call home because they sit idle for long periods of time and protect rodents from the elements. Have you ever let your car sit for a few days and go to start it only to find something is wrong under the hood? When the mechanics examine your car they find frayed or damaged wiring which can only mean one thing– rodents are calling your car home.

chewed wire

Why do rodents chew through wires? There are plenty of myths out there that try to explain why rats chew through car wiring. The truth is they don’t eat wiring because it’s tasty or because they are drawn to electricity, but because rats need to constantly be chewing to keep their teeth from becoming too sharp and growing too long. Rodents are attracted to your car because it is a safe, warm, quiet place to nest and trim their teeth.

How to Stop Rodents From Chewing Car Wires

Are you wondering how to stop rodents from living in your car and chewing through your wiring? While it’s not impossible to keep rodents out of living in your car daily, they are more likely to choose cars that sit unused for long periods of time. This means if you have a car that is going unused for a long period of time, it is most likely home to rodents.

An easy solution to keep rodents out of your car is to move cars that sit idle on a regular basis. If you can park them in a garage instead of outside that is even better. Also check your car for possible entry points and seal them up if possible. This can include:

  • Thresholds
  • Tops of doors
  • Damaged doors

Call a Professional

If you are dealing with a rodent infestation, your car is a likely target for rats and mice. It’s important to call a professional to protect your home from rodents or you could be dealing with expensive car repairs and damage. Although most pest control companies don’t deal with rodents in cars, they can help with rodent infestations in your home. Call Anver Pest Control today to have your home inspected and protected from rodents.

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