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Common Pests In Henderson, NV

Henderson is a beautiful place to live, but it is not immune to pests. Scorpions, cockroaches, rodents, and a myriad of other pests are likely to share a home with you. It is important to know how to recognize which pests are likely to invade your home and the proper steps to take to prevent pest infestations in your Henderson home.


Ants are everywhere. They are the number one pest in the nation, so you can’t escape from them, regardless of where you live. They are attracted to everything from crumbs and pet food, to water and dirty dishes. However, in Henderson, the ants to keep an eye out for are carpenter ants. These pests will eat through the wood in your home, causing structural damage over time.


Cockroaches are nearly indestructible pests that are attracted to food, moisture, and dark areas of your home. They are known to spread disease and exacerbate allergy symptoms. Unfortunately, they are resilient and quite difficult to eradicate. Not only can they survive up to 40 min without air, but they can also survive 10x the radiation a human can.


Also known as black rats and ship rats, the roof rats of Henderson have slender bodies, long tails, and pronounced noses. They get their name from hiding in high places like your roof or attic. They will chew through anything they can, including electrical wires. Rats are carriers of disease and can transmit diseases through physical contact, bites, or fleas they may be carrying.


These are the pests of nightmares. Unfortunately, living in Henderson does mean having a few encounters with scorpions. With their painful sting and large numbers, they can be a headache for homeowners. The most poisonous scorpion you will encounter in Henderson is the Bark Scorpion. Scorpions seek shelter in dark, moist, cool places such as cabinets, shoes, boxes, and more. Because they are very difficult to kill, normal DIY pest control may not work with scorpions. Hiring a professional is the best way to prevent and eradicate scorpions on your property.    

Hire A Professional

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