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5 Springtime Pests To Look Out For In Las Vegas, Henderson And Surrounding Areas

With spring officially here, warmer weather is on its way. With warmer weather and rainy days ahead, many insects and rodents venture out of their dormant state looking for food and shelter. Pests you haven’t seen for months are now making an appearance in your home. Here are a few pests you should keep an eye out for this spring: 

an africanized honey bee on a white flower

Bark Scorpions

Bark Scorpions are the most common scorpion and also the deadliest. Known for their curved tails and brown, see-through color, they are difficult to spot and have a venomous sting. They can grow up to 3 inches in length and prefer to make their home under rocks, in crevices, and in trees– particularly Palm Trees, which are common in the Las Vegas valley. 

Sugar Ants 

Sugar ant infestations are notoriously difficult to manage. They are either black or brown in color and emit a strong smell when smashed, hence their second name: Odorous House Ants. While sugar ants don’t pose a serious health risk, they can contaminate food as they forage and should be dealt with quickly.

Africanized Honey Bee

Africanized honey bees are a hybrid of western honey bees and are often found in the Las Vegas area. Also known as “killer bees,” these bees are highly aggressive and known to attack if they feel slightly threatened. Nests can be found anywhere around your home and often in places common to a lot of activity. They should be considered highly dangerous and treated with caution. 


Cockroaches are common to Las Vegas and are very difficult to eradicate. They are commonly found in restaurants and homes and can be found in dark and damp places, like under sinks and in basements which makes them difficult to find. Cockroaches don’t cause structural damage to your home, but they can contaminate your food and are carriers for disease as they carry around large amounts of germs and bacteria. 

Roof Rats

Roof rats are smaller than other species of rats, but they are known for their long tails and large ears. Just as their name indicates, roof rats nest in high areas such as trees and attics. Rats are known for their fast reproductive rate making them difficult to eradicate. They are carriers for disease and can quickly damage your home as they eat through wires, wood, and food. 

If you start to notice these pests around your home, call a professional who can check for signs of nests and infestations. Anver Pest Control has professional technicians who know how to properly assess your home for infestations and keep pests at bay. 

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