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3 Ways Your Las Vegas Home Is Attracting Mice

Many of us are aware that a clean, uncluttered home is one of the best ways to keep your finances and your home organized.

But what about keeping it neat and tidy outside? Does an organized home invite rodents? The short answer is yes.

If you’re looking for ways to protect your home from mice, look no further than your interior design. Here are 4 ways that your Las Vegas home is attracting mice:

1. Old and New Homes Are Equally Attractive To Mice

As a general rule, mice are attracted to old, unkempt, and unorganized homes. They can find these spaces much easier to navigate than a modern home with clean lines and everything in its place. That’s because they’re used to the smell of dust, the clutter, and the feel of a disorganized environment. Because of this, a home that’s been lived in for decades is likely to attract mice.

A newly built home, on the other hand, has no history to complicate things. Not to mention that mice can get stuck in a build-up of dust and rubbish, making them much less likely to find it as attractive a home as an old one.

2. Food Is A Must Have For Mice

If you’re seeing mice in your Las Vegas home, there’s a good chance that they’re coming in to find food. Not only are mice biologically hungry creatures, they’re also very social creatures. That means they get their food from other mice, which means they’re going to be looking for a place to socialize and find a mate.

Mice like to store food in their nests, and they like to store it in places out of sight. The best way to keep mice out of your Las Vegas home is to keep your food out of their way. That means no uneaten meals, no unopened cereal boxes, no crumbs on the counter, and no scraps left in the sink.

3. Comfortable Environment With Lots Of Nooks And Crannies

There are many reasons that mice are attracted to your Las Vegas home. One of them is space.

The average mouse can fit into a space that’s just 10mm wider than itself. That’s why mice are drawn to homes with lots of gaps, holes, and crannies. Cluttered nooks and crannies in your home are the perfect place for mice and rodents to hide. These are areas of your home that go undisturbed and unnoticed.

The best way to keep mice at bay is to clear our cluttered or unorganized areas of your home often to ensure mice aren’t living there. 

Mice can be an annoying problem for homeowners. Fortunately, there are several waysyou can protect your home from these pests. First, make sure that your home isn’t attracting mice by keeping your food away from them and keeping your home clean and organized. 

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