Mastering Scorpion Control: Essential Tips For Effective Control Around Your Las Vegas Home


Let’s talk about how to master scorpion control in Las Vegas. Out here in the desert, scorpions are just a fact of life, which means that area residents and homeowners need to stay vigilant to avoid various problems these pests can cause.

From prevention and control to the common sites of scorpion infestations and specific threats, this guide will give you the info you need to keep your home safe from scorpions.

The end of the article will also touch on the benefits of professional scorpion control, which is the safest control option by far for dealing with these stinging pests. 

Identifying Scorpion Habitats: Key Areas To Target

Knowing how scorpions behave can help you to avoid confrontations. First, where do scorpions live? While scorpions are typically native to dry, arid areas, it’s also common for them to invade human homes when they’re looking for food, water, or proper shelter.

As a rule of thumb, scorpions like to hide in dark places that also offer some kind of moisture. That means you’re more likely to find them around sinks, tubs, showers, laundry machines, and even shoes.

Of course, none of these are places you want to find a hiding scorpion, let alone multiple scorpions, especially since an unexpected discovery could lead to a confrontation. 

The Scorpion Threat: The Risks Of Infestations

Put simply, the most serious risk of a scorpion infestation is an attack. But here’s the big question: Are scorpions deadly?

There’s a blanket assumption that scorpions are dangerous, and they are, but that doesn’t mean they can strike you dead in a matter of seconds. Scorpions carry venom, but not all scorpion venom is strong enough to kill a human. That said, if you ever suffer a scorpion sting, it’s crucial to seek medical help right away. Better safe than sorry. After all, a non-lethal sting can still cause very serious symptoms.

Of course, the way to avoid the health risks of scorpion stings is to have an infestation removed or to head off an infestation by engaging in scorpion prevention. 

Scorpion Prevention: Top Techniques That Work

Moving on, we want to share how to prevent scorpions from setting up shop inside your home. These techniques reduce the chances of scorpions finding their way inside: 

  • Use door sweeps on doors that lead to outdoor spaces. 
  • Check window screens and frames for damage. 
  • Look for cracks in the foundation and exterior walls. Have these repaired as soon as possible. 
  • Keep wood piles and debris far from your home, or have them removed completely. 
  • Repair leaking pipes and generally reduce moisture and humidity in the home. 

These are mostly minor maintenance efforts, but they can be majorly useful for stopping scorpions from making their way into your house. 

Professional Scorpion Elimination: The Safe And Effective Solution

If you do find scorpions hiding in your house, rather than attempting scorpion removal on your own, the best path to elimination is professional scorpion control. We mentioned earlier that scorpion stings can indeed be dangerous, and since scorpions are more likely to sting when they feel threatened, avoiding encounters is hugely important.

Scorpions naturally look for places where they’re unlikely to be disturbed, and that also means these are hiding places that make it hard for them to be removed. As you’ve no doubt guessed by now, pest control professionals are trained to handle these exact situations and can interact with scorpions safely. And the biggest advantage of hiring a pest control company is that you get to sit back and relax.

Reach out to Anver Pest Control today for help with scorpions, and to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Las Vegas. We can answer your questions and set an appointment as well.