Keep Pigeons At Bay: Expert Strategies For Effective Pigeon Prevention And Control In Summerlin


If you’re looking for a property with a “backyard” that constantly beckons people to get outdoors and get active, then Summerlin is the city for you. This vibrant city has a unique, warm, and welcoming vibe, making it a wonderful place to live and work. One local pest in the area that often swoops in and makes a mess of local properties is pigeons. Pristine properties can soon look dirty and dingy unless owners use effective pest control services in Summerlin.

Physical Characteristics Of Pigeons: How To Identify Them

Wherever you look, birds dominate the sky. Their different shapes, sizes, and colors make watching them fascinating and enjoyable. Pigeons are rarely a featured addition to the list of delightful birds to watch. They are notorious nuisance birds that can make a mess of Summerlin properties, so property owners should learn how to identify them quickly.

Seven identifying characteristics of pigeons include the following:

  1. Their length ranges from 11 to 13 inches long.
  2. They usually have a white bottom.
  3. Above their tail feathers, they’ll often have a white diamond shape.
  4. They typically have a dark band at the end of their tail.
  5. Their wings are dark at the tips, with two dark stripes running along the back edge.
  6. Most bodies are gray; the head and neck are slightly darker.
  7. Their two feet are red.

When pigeons start zeroing in on properties, it is vital to take quick action. Anver Pest Control specializes in pigeon bird control, allowing property owners to rest easy knowing they have a local pest control company nearby that can quickly resolve their pigeon concerns.

Understanding The Pigeon Problem: Causes And Consequences

Over time, pigeons have been domesticated and gotten highly comfortable around people. These birds have become lazy and depend on people to meet their needs. Being extremely comfortable around humans and human establishments is bound to bring troubling consequences to properties.

Pigeons in Summerlin are filthy birds. Their droppings make structures look terrible, and the uric acid can damage the finish of vehicles and buildings. In warehouses or storage facilities, pigeon droppings can contaminate stored items. Droppings can also cause people to slip and fall, resulting in injury.

Pigeons also bring mites, fleas, ticks, and bed bugs to properties. Not only can they carry these pests on their body, but they also infest pigeon nests. These pests can invade structures and cause people much discomfort.

On top of these concerning issues, pigeons also transmit diseases like psittacosis, histoplasmosis (from their droppings), salmonellosis, and cryptococcosis.

Pigeons on your Summerlin property spell trouble, so pigeon control from a company like Anver Pest Control is essential. Our company offers a three-step pigeon control process and cutting-edge treatments to safely and skillfully remove pigeons from properties.

Identifying Pigeon Magnets: Factors That Draw Pigeons To Properties

The best way to keep pigeons away from properties is to take note of the things that draw them there in the first place. Property owners who remove pigeon magnets from their property can significantly aid in controlling pigeons in Summerlin.

Six magnets property owners should remove from their property include:

  1. Don’t use bird feeders! Pigeons love grains and seeds.
  2. Ensure trash bins have tight-fitting lids; pigeons will eat human food.
  3. Don’t leave pet foods outdoors.
  4. Eliminate water sources (overwater, standing water, birdbaths)
  5. Seal any holes in your home.
  6. Never feed pigeons.

Sometimes, even removing specific magnets that attract pigeons won’t be enough to stop their visits. The structure of a building can often provide a perfect place for pigeons to roost; they will often establish nests on rooftops, balconies, soffits, window ledges, and other hard-to-reach areas. Pigeon control can present significant challenges, so you need an expert like Anver Pest Control. Our experts can design a plan that quickly and efficiently removes pigeon threats to your property.

The Importance Of Professional Pigeon Control: Benefits And Solutions

Pigeons that get comfortable on properties present severe health and safety risks, making pest control for pigeons a priority. Anver Pest Control is a local, family-owned, and operated company that protects properties from unwanted pests, even winged ones. Our pigeon control services include inspection, exclusion, and disinfection treatments. Get rid of pesky pigeons by calling Anver Pest Control today for a free inspection and to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Summerlin.