What's The Best Way To Get Rid Of Rats On My Henderson Property?


Is there anything worse than finding out your home has a rat infestation? These furry pests might just be the most terrible home invaders here in Henderson. This is for many reasons. One of the biggest challenges with rats is finding methods that work to prevent and remove these pests. Assuming you would like to find answers to these furry invaders, we would like to share some things with you today. In today's article, we explain what our experts say is the best way to get rid of rats in Henderson and what attracts these pests to properties in the first place. Reach out to our team at Anver Pest Control if you need immediate help in dealing with problematic species like rats. We will offer comprehensive options for pest control in Henderson and take care of these pests ASAP.

How Can I Tell If It's Rats On My Property?

You would think that pests as big as rats would be easy to identify. The truth is, these rodents in Henderson are sneaky and work hard to stay out of sight. The only time rats actively crawl throughout homes is at night when they feel it is safe to scavenge for food. Keeping this in mind, you might need to know some signs of rats to identify an active infestation indoors. Here are a few signs you should look for today.

  • Rat droppings in the backs of pantries and cupboards
  • Urine stains or the smell of urine
  • Gnaw marks on the legs of furniture
  • Holes chewed through walls, doors, and cabinets
  • Torn-up insulation, paper, or fabrics
  • Odd rustling noises late at night coming from inside your walls or ceilings

If you need help finding out if your home has an active rat problem, bring in our team. We will inspect your living areas and help you determine if these pests are around and causing trouble.

Why Are Rats Considered Dangerous?

Rats are interesting creatures in that they can be kept as pets safely but they can also be dangerous pests. The distinction between dangerous and harmless rats comes down to lifestyle. Pet rats live in relatively clean cages and are fed healthy food. Pest rats live in dirty locations and eat nasty things like rotting meat, animal feces, and decaying vegetation. This leaves them teeming with harmful bacteria, pathogens, and parasites. These sickness vectors are then spread to humans through rat droppings, urine, and their dirty bodies. Some common diseases you might contract from rats include salmonellosis, hantavirus, and renal syndrome. Rats might also carry other pests like fleas and ticks into homes. These smaller pests can carry their diseases and are equally dangerous to humans. Thankfully, there are ways to avoid all of these pests. You just have to know what attracts rats and how to prevent rodents from coming indoors.

What Attracts Rats To Properties?

Many things might attract wild rats to your property. The three things these pests love more than anything are food, moisture, and shelter. Your rat problem is most likely the result of these invasive rodents finding these things inside or around your home. Some more specific examples of things that might attract rats include forgotten food under your couch, accessible food boxes in your pantry, pet food inside bowls on the floor, water build-up in sinks or tubs, cozy areas to build nests inside furniture, storage boxes, or wall voids, and nice materials to build nests out of like clothing or pillow feathers. If you have the time, we recommend making sure your home’s exterior is properly sealed, cleaning your interior spaces thoroughly, and organizing your living areas. Otherwise, consider calling in our team for professional rat control. 

What's The Best Way To Get Rid Of Rats?

There is the best way to get rid of rats. It involves bringing in a rodent control professional and having them take care of the problem for you. If you are struggling against rats or other rodent invaders inside your Henderson home do not hesitate to involve our team at Anver Pest Control. We are dedicated to your protection against these and other dangerous and destructive pests. With one visit, we will identify the severity of your infestation and offer fast solutions to get the rodents out.

Contact our team at Anver Pest Control to learn more about our advanced rodent control and find your best solution to rat problems in Henderson.