How To Prevent Cockroaches Around Your Henderson Home This Summer


Cockroaches are common pests that plague home and business owners throughout the Henderson region. Cockroaches have a flat body style with a durable exoskeleton that allows them to infiltrate structures through small openings and hide. As omnivores, cockroaches are routinely a concern in any environment where foods are consumed, prepared, or stored.

In the Henderson region, some of the most common types of cockroaches that plague homeowners include American cockroaches, German cockroaches, and Oriental cockroaches. Although most cockroach species have wings, the majority of them are poor fliers and primarily glide.

Are you wondering how to get rid of a cockroach infestation?  Cockroaches are surprisingly elusive creatures that often demonstrate resilience; therefore, seeking assistance from a local professional is the best means of responding to these concerns. An experienced Henderson pest control company employs a trained staff that understands how to get rid of big cockroaches and how to keep cockroaches out of your house.

How Cockroaches Get Into Homes

Cockroaches act as scavengers that routinely travel through trash and sewers—often in residential settings. Cockroaches in Henderson will enter homes through openings around exterior doors and windows, crevices near the foundation, or gaps within utility line pass-throughs.

5 Mistakes Homeowners Make To Attract Cockroaches

Many homeowners in the Henderson area remain unaware of the conditions that will most likely attract cockroaches. Some of the following will make the property most susceptible to cockroach invasions:

  1. Failing to place trash bags containing food scraps in durable, sealed containers in outdoor areas around the structure.
  2. Leaving bowls of uneaten pet food out overnight.
  3. Allowing access to food sources, particularly in kitchen areas, such as having floors littered with crumbs or leaving dirty dishes on counters or in sinks.
  4. Maintenance failures such as having gaps around exterior doors or holes in window screens.
  5. Providing access to sources of water such as plumbing leaks below sinks or air conditioning units with excessive condensation.

One additional mistake that far too many homeowners in Henderson make involves trying do-it-yourself home treatment options. Many of these aerosol repellants, traps, and baiting systems are sold in local home improvement stores and feature highly-embellished claims of effectiveness such as being a “quick and easy” solution. Unfortunately, most of those who use these products experience mediocre, short-term results and soon find themselves still battling harmful cockroaches weeks or months later.

How To Stop Cockroaches Getting Into Your Henderson Home

There are a variety of cockroach prevention measures to consider that help limit the likelihood of encountering cockroaches in your home. Those who have the most success adopt a multi-faceted prevention strategy that involves adopting excellent cleaning habits indoors, preventing access to trash, and implementing exclusionary measures around the property’s exterior that physically impede indoor entry.

Why Call The Professionals If You've Been Seeing Cockroaches

Are you looking for answers regarding how to prevent cockroaches in Henderson? Look no further than the local experts with Anver Pest Control for fast and highly effective resolutions to problems with cockroaches and the many other home-invading creatures found in this region. When it comes to professional cockroach control in Henderson, our staff maintains many of the latest products in the market today.

While many of our customers have periodic pest-related concerns that are resolved in a single visit, we also offer comprehensive ongoing residential protection plans that feature bi-monthly treatment visits from our skilled service specialists. These year-round service options account for seasonal variances and use highly proactive strategies that will limit the presence of many common pests. Our versatile and highly effective service offerings are further enhanced by a commitment to top-quality customer service.

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