Effective Bed Bug Elimination With Heat Treatment: The Ultimate Solutions For Henderson Homes

Bed Bug

Bed bugs have been causing problems for humans for several centuries. Throughout the years, people have tried to find the best bed bug control solution that effectively eliminates every bed bug in the home. After several decades, researchers learned that heat is not only a fast way to eradicate bed bugs but also the most effective form of bed bug control.

At Anver Pest Control, our highly trained Henderson pest control specialists know how to safely and effectively apply heat treatment to your home to eliminate bed bugs for good. 

Bed bug Detection: How To Spot And Confirm Infestation

If you have bed bugs in your home, you will likely see these tiny creatures crawling under your bed or hiding in your furniture. If you have a severe infestation, you may even see them crawling on your walls and coming out of your electrical outlets.

Bed bugs usually only measure between 3 and 7 millimeters long. They also have flat bodies when they haven't fed in a while, which makes them easier to overlook. Even after they have fed and their swollen bodies are reddish, they can still be difficult to spot in your home. Luckily, bed bugs will leave several clues to tell you they are around. Some of the signs of a bed bug infestation include:

  • Dark red or rust-colored bed bug fecal spots
  • Bed bug eggs are white, round, and about the size of a pinpoint. 
  • Bed bug skin molts that are yellow and slightly translucent

Bed bugs will also leave itchy and irritating red bumps on your skin after they bite you. Usually, bed bugs will bite in clusters. If you wake up each morning with a fresh set of bed bug bites on your skin in a cluster, straight line, or zig-zag formation, you should have your home inspected for bed bugs by a professional bed bug control specialist. 

Health Risks: The Dangers Of Bed Bug Bites

The good news is that bed bugs in Henderson are not known to spread dangerous diseases through their bites. The bad news is that bed bug bites are still not completely harmless.

When a bed bug bites you, it will inject its thin and small mouthpiece that pierces through your skin. To make the bite as painless as possible, the bug will also inject a small amount of saliva into your body that consists of an anesthetic mixture. For the most part, the saliva will cause itching and minor swelling. However, some people are allergic to a bed bug's saliva and could develop hives, a rash, or a more severe allergic reaction.

Even if you are not allergic to a bed bug bite, the itchiness of the bite is enough to cause extreme stress in some people. Many people report losing sleep and developing a skin infection because they cannot stop scratching their itchy bug bites. 

How Heat Treatment Kills Bed Bugs: Understanding The Process

Over the years, bed bugs have become resistant to most pesticides that are effective on other insects. Many DIY bed bug treatments use these ineffective pesticides that could cause the bed bugs to retreat further into the crevices of your home and cause your bed bug infestation to worsen.

The most effective bed bug treatment is heat treatment. Bed bugs cannot survive in extremely hot temperatures above 113° F. To kill a bed bug with heat, you will need to expose it to 113° F for 90 consecutive minutes or 118° F for 20 minutes. 

Say Goodbye To Bed Bugs: Contact Us About Our Heat Treatments Today

Heat treatments are an effective bed bug control solution. But they should only be used by an experienced professional. Using such high temperatures on your own can be dangerous and even lead to a house fire. If you are looking for a safe and effective way to get rid of the bed bugs in your home, give us a call today.

At Anver Pest Control, we specialize in heat treatments for bed bugs and know the best way to eliminate them from your Henderson home for good.