How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches In Your Kitchen

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Just the word “cockroach” is scary enough to send shivers down your spine. These nearly indestructible little critters infest your home, live in your drains, and will eat virtually anything. Unfortunately for you, your kitchen is their favorite place to set up camp. With plenty of moisture, fallen crumbs, and stored pantry items, cockroaches have everything they need to survive.

Keeping Cockroaches Out

Before learning how to keep cockroaches out, how do you spot a cockroach infestation? The most obvious way to know if you have an infestation is to actually see a cockroach skitter across your floor or hiding in a corner.

You can also look for droppings, which look like coffee grounds, and they can be found anywhere cockroaches are present including cabinets and pantries.

Thirdly, you can look for discarded egg cases. These are oblong and brown and show signs that the roaches in your home are reproducing. Yikes! 

Now that you know what to look for, how do you keep them out of your kitchen?

  • Clean up. A clean kitchen is the first line of defense with cockroaches. Wipe down your sinks and counters daily to avoid crumbs that may serve as food. Additionally, clean small appliances like toasters and toaster ovens and avoid leaving dishes in the sink for long periods of time. 
  • Use proper storage. Once cockroaches get into your home, it’s very easy for them to penetrate paper or cardboard pantry items. Keep food stored in airtight containers so roaches can’t access it. If you have pets, make sure their food is tightly sealed as well. 
  • Manage moisture. Moisture attracts roaches, and these insects have been known to live in bathroom and kitchen sinks. Keep an eye out for leaky faucets, standing water, and excess water in cabinets beneath your sink.   
  • Seal up cracks. Many cockroaches enter your home from the outside, and their flat bodies allow them to squeeze through extremely small spaces. Examine your kitchen for possible entry points including gaps, cracks and holes in doorways, walls, and cabinets.

Hire A Professional; Call Anver Pest Control

Despite your best efforts, cockroaches can still enter your home. Afterall, these pests are resilient and resourceful and have been around since before dinosaurs! 

A pest control professional and pinpoint areas of concern, eradicate infestations and protect against future infestations. Anver Pest Control has the knowledge and tools to be most effective in your pest control needs and protect your home against infestations.