Effective Pigeon Prevention And Control: Protecting Your Las Vegas Property From Pesky Pigeons

two pigeons sitting on top of a roof

Birdwatching is a favorite pastime for many people. While most homeowners might enjoy watching birds passing through their property, having birds trying to live in or near your home can cause a lot of problems for you and your family. 

One of the most common types of birds that the Anver Pest Control team sees in residential areas is pigeons. These birds are dangerous, destructive, and not the type of pests you want hanging around. Here is a closer look at how our Las Vegas pigeon control specialist can help you keep these bothersome birds away from your property. 

Pigeon Behavior And Traits: Key Indicators For Identification

Pigeons are often confused with other types of birds in the area. However, they have several distinct features that set them apart from other birds.  Pigeons have plump and round bodies typically covered in blue or gray feathers and could have white or dark blue markings on their wings. They also have thick necks, round heads, and small, round eyes. 

Another thing that sets pigeons apart from other bird species is their inquisitive behaviors. Pigeons are adaptable birds and more likely to hang out in residential or commercial areas. Over the years, these birds have learned to coexist with humans and don’t shy away from human activity as much as other birds. They are also more likely to nest inside homes or outdoor buildings, so you should contact a local pigeon control specialist if you start seeing these birds around your property regularly. 

Property Damage And Health Risks: Consequences Of Pigeon Activity

Our Las Vegas pigeon control experts have seen first-hand the type of devastating destruction that these birds can leave in their wake. If they invade your property, you will notice damage around your home. Pigeons like to build their nests in aerial locations and can clog your gutters or cause damage to your roof and eves. 

They also leave their droppings everywhere, which could have its own hazards. Pigeon droppings are known to be acidic and can cause damage to paint as well as wood and metal structures. Pigeon droppings are also extremely unsanitary to have around your home. They are known to aid in spreading many types of diseases and illnesses, including psittacosis, cryptococcosis, and histoplasmosis. 

Teaming with a pigeon removal company is the best way to ensure these dangerous birds aren’t a risk to your home or your health. Call Anver Pest Control today.

Create A Pigeon-Proof Environment: Strategies For Effective Prevention

Because birds can fly, typical wildlife prevention measures don’t usually work on pigeons. While it might be impossible to keep pigeons away from your property completely, there are a few methods that our pigeon exterminators use to deter these birds from residential areas. Some of the best pigeon prevention tips include:

  • Placing reflective tape around your home.
  • Use owl decoys to scare the pigeons away.
  • Repair any damage to your home caused by pigeons immediately. 
  • Use mesh netting around common roosting locations.

Once pigeons infest your property or home, you will need professional help to get rid of them all for good. A pigeon removal service will be able to safely remove these birds from your property and develop a customized plan designed to keep them away for good. 

The Importance Of Professional Pigeon Control: Benefits And Solutions

Having pigeons around your home can put you and your family in danger. Anver Pest Control has been successfully providing pigeon control to residential areas for years, and we know the best way to keep your Las Vegas home pigeon-free. Give us a call today to see how we can help.