What's The Best Way To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In My Henderson Home?

bed bug on fibers

The best way to get rid of bed bugs is with the help of a professional. While DIY may be tempting to try, the truth of the matter is that these methods are unlikely to work. Don’t waste time and money with DIY bed bug control treatments; work with a professional to quickly and completely remove these biting pests from your Maryland home. 

Anver Pest Control is the trusted pest control expert you can count on for the best bed bug control in Henderson. Call today to learn more. 

How Can I Be Sure It's Bed Bugs In My Home?

Identifying a bed bug infestation in Henderson can be tricky because their bites resemble other insects' bites. Additionally, bed bugs are nocturnal and are usually active while we are sleeping. Luckily, bed bugs leave signs that can help us identify their presence. 

Here is a quick list of common bed bug signs. If bed bugs are in your home, you may notice the following:

  • A foul, musty odor in certain areas of your home
  • You or a family member waking up with unexplained bug bites on exposed areas of skin
  • Discovering red drops of blood or dark streaks of excrement on mattresses, bedding, pillows, or walls
  • Finding piles of insect skins under mattresses or box springs or on the floor
  • Finding dead or live bed bugs (Adult bed bugs have a flat, oval body and are reddish-brown)

If you suspect a problem with these pests in your home, schedule an inspection to identify and treat your home’s bed bug infestation. 

How Dangerous Is It To Have Bed Bugs In My House?

Most blood-feeding pests are associated with the spread of parasites and disease-causing pathogens that make people quite ill. If there is any good news regarding bed bugs, it is that the spread of disease by them is not currently a threat. 

However,  just because these pests don’t infect us with disease, it doesn’t mean we should feel at ease sharing our home with them. Bed bugs cause many other problems, including:

  • Delivering bites that can become easily infected
  • Taking over homes in large numbers
  • Making people feel uncomfortable in their homes
  • Causing people to lose sleep. 

While bed bugs may not be dangerous, they are unwanted. Don’t hesitate to contact a bed bug removal expert to eliminate these biting pests. 

Why Are There Bed Bugs In My House?

Understanding that a bed bug infestation can occur in any home is essential. Bed bugs aren’t in your home because you have done anything wrong or your home is unclean. Bed bugs have adapted to living with people because our blood is their favorite food source. Like any living creature, they like to be near food sources.

These insects most commonly travel from place to place by hitchhiking. All it takes is for you or a family member to come into contact with bed bugs in a public place like a hotel, school, library, hospital, or laundromat for bed bugs to take hold of your household. Bed bugs can also find their way into homes inside infested secondhand furniture. Additionally, bed bugs will crawl through walls or vents in apartment buildings and spread from one unit to another. 

When it comes to bed bugs, it is less about how they got inside your home and more about how quickly you can get rid of them!

What's The Best Way To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs?

Anver Pest Control offers bed bug control in Henderson to solve any big or small bed bug problem. Our advanced treatments and customized treatment plans will evict these unwanted guests from your home. We offer two different bed bug treatments: liquid treatments for minor infestations and heat treatments for more widespread infestations. 

Return your home to a bed bug-free environment with the help of Anver Pest Control. Call today for detailed information about our customized bed bug control services.