What Attracts Spiders Into Your Las Vegas Home? - Pest Control Las Vegas | Anver Pest Control


Everyone has run into a spider or two in their home, some more than others. So why do some encounter spider after spider while others just have a few to none? The truth is there is more than one reason why spiders are attracted to some homes and not to others. 

Too Much Clutter

Spiders tend to lurk in dark, cluttered corners where they have protection from the elements and other predators. This behavior is instinctual for survival because not only does it help protect them from other predators, but it also allows them to pounce on their prey undetected. Clutter such as magazines, newspapers, and other things crammed into a spot are welcome signs for spiders and insects.

Easy Access Into Your Home

If spiders frequent your house, it could be from a small opening in your home. Spiders can enter through small cracks and gaps in the foundation and doors of your home. Inspect your home for any cracks around windows, doors, or the foundation and replace old weather strips on your doors. 

Wet Spots

Like all living creatures, spiders need water to survive. They don’t necessarily like a damp environment, but standing water or wet spots in your home will attract not only spiders but all sorts of insects. You can often find these wet spots around drains, faucets, and pipes under your sinks. If you have a faucet that leaks, it could be a source of water for spiders.

Dark Places

In addition to water, spiders love dark places to hide. They prefer to be left alone and undisturbed, which allows them to feel safe from predators. Spiders have poor eyesight, despite their many eyes. They need to use their other senses to survive and hunt. With fewer distractions in darkness and seclusion, they can focus on their next meal. Now, you can’t illuminate every corner of your house all day long, but you can reduce clutter, and clean out closets, any beds, cupboards, and your pantry regularly.

Dirty Areas

Keeping your home clean and organized is crucial to reducing the spider population in your home. Spiders eat other insects, so if your home is attracting any sort of insect, you can bet a spider will also be in the vicinity. Cleaning your home regularly from crumbs, spills, dirt, and old food will help ensure that your home stays pest and spider-free. If you are struggling with a spider or pest infestation, remember professional home pest control can eliminate your uninvited houseguests. Call Anver Pest Control today for a free home inspection!