What You Ought To Know About The Scorpions In Henderson, NV


The scorpions in our Nevada towns have always been a subject of great contention, but how afraid of them should we be? Many people will go out of their way to infuriate these pests, getting a huge thrill from playing with dangerous odds. On the other hand, some people will stress their way through outdoor activities with a cloud of fear looming over them. They are nervous to look under rocks or move things around in the yard for fear of a scorpion attack. So, the question is, are they really that deadly? The more we learn about the scorpions in our Nevada area, the better chance we have of understanding how dangerous they are and out to prevent them. 

Henderson, NV Scorpions

As a Henderson resident, you’re very likely to have one of four kinds of scorpions on your Henderson property.

The desert bark scorpion is small, just three inches in length on average. Their tan or yellow bodies are unique in that their tails often turn off to the side rather than curling upwards. Do not let their size fool you! These are the most venomous scorpions in North America and are not to be messed with. Since they don’t see very well, they’ll sting whenever they feel threatened, putting anyone who stumbles upon them, even by accident, at risk. Sting victims will usually suffer from numbness in the area, trouble breathing, convulsions, and foaming around the mouth.

  • Desert hairy scorpions are next up, featuring a tan or olive body that measures up to six inches long. They have large, furry claws at the front and an upward curling stinger at the back. These scorpions have very weak venom compared to the rest, and the symptoms of a sting are similar to that of a bee.
  • Brown scorpions are also non-venomous, even though they do resemble the bark scorpion. Their distinguishing features are a slightly larger size and upward curling stinger.
  • Finally, the wind scorpion is the last of the common scorpions in the area. While their intimidating jaws create an imposing presence, these pests pose no threat to humans. They do not have any venom since they can use their jaws for hunting and eating, but they are very hard to keep out of your home. They’ll speed across sandy terrain very quickly and change direction in an instant.

Scorpion Prevention

Reducing the threat of scorpions is all about care and thoroughness. When they’re present in the yard, it’s only a matter of time until they wander into your home through an open garage door or another entry point. Some measures to reduce the likelihood of scorpions getting into your Henderson home include:

  • Seal all entry points and install weather stripping under your doors. They are very adept at squeezing through cracks, so sealing every entry point can be tough.
  • Make your yard a less attractive environment for them. While they prefer the desert climate, they don’t like being out in the sun. During the day, they’ll hide under rocks or in dark, covered areas like cracks or holes in the ground or piles of leaves. If you get rid of piles of clutter in your yard, such as woodpiles, leaves, or rock collections, they really won’t have many places to hide.

However, there’s no guaranteed do-it-yourself remedy for scorpion prevention. The threat of scorpions in your yard and home can be a major issue! Contact us at Anver Pest Control today to get home pest control for the situation!