1. 5 Ways to Protect Your Home From Insects

    Aside from college students, most people like to keep a clean and organized home. Besides it being aesthetically pleasing, keeping a tidy and clean home can keep unwanted insects and critters from making your home their home. Here are a few ways to keep household insects at bay:  1. Wipe Away Food from Hard-to-Reach Places.  Maintaining a clean home is a great way to keep bugs at bay. If insects…Read More

  2. The Las Vegas Guide to Stinging Insects

    With calmer weather comes your favorite stinging insects. They search your yard for water, sweet nectar, and those precious overhangs for their hives. But which insects are friendly and which are foes? Below is a description of the more common stinging insects in the Las Vegas area and how to identify them.  Africanized Honey Bees  The Africanized Honey Bee, also known as Killer Bees, nest in a …Read More

  3. Welcome To Our Home Pest Control Blog!

    Thank you for visiting the website of Anver Pest Control in Henderson, Nevada! Although home pest control isn’t a topic that most people want to talk (or even think) about on a regular basis, we’re honored that you’ve taken the time to browse through our website and blog. We hope that you’re just here because you need preventative pest control, but even if you’re dealing with a present i…Read More