We’re proud to be a family run company here at Anver Pest Control.  As brother and sister, both with previous ownership and experience in pest control, we decided to join forces in operating Anver together.  We, like you, have homes here in the valley. We don’t like bugs on our property probably just as much as you don’t like them on yours. We know that bugs in Vegas are hard to avoid and can feel like unwelcome guests to our homes.  But no need to worry, we’re all about keeping the family in, and the pests out!

Working as a family to help others with their pest control needs has been one of the best decisions we’ve made.  Together we find great happiness in taking thorough care of our customers. We pride ourselves in quick responses to your needs, friendly customer service, and low competitive pricing.

If you have unwanted, pesky guests, get a free quote by clicking here!

We are here to listen to your concerns and to help make your home or business a place you can feel comfortable that is always pest free!!

Tiffany, Owner

Nick, Owner